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GP28 Swim Platform

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  • GP28 Swim Platform

    Hoping someone may have a factory swim platform they need to get rid of from a 28.

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    Curiosity only, is there a reason you want a factory swim platform? Bill V I believe had a fantastic one modified or built new and if I were to replace mine, would not be with a factory style after I've used it for years...


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      I agree, Bill built his bigger and more bad ass. Time is a factor, as a slip is waiting and still have quite a few other issues to take care of before it goes in the drink.


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        I originally built mine 36 deep but with the installation of my dinghy davit system have reduced the depth to 30. My factory was 21 deep. I built mine from laminating 3/4 and 1/2 inch marine plywood, a layer of fiberglass cloth on both sides and then gelcoated it. Interesting side note, my factory was totally waterlogged and weighed more then my new larger one.
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          If you want a deeper one, build the brackets and attach them before you launch. You can custom build a platform later.
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