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    Been thinking of buying a smaller RIB and found West Marine has an 8ft RIB available for $899 on sale. My present Caribe 9.5ft RIB is 30-40 pounds heavier then the WM 8ft. I like that it will put much less load on my davits and have less ¨overhang¨across my transom. Thoughts on this one I use a Mercury 4.5hp outboard with no intentions of increasing the horsepower. Thoughts? Opinions?
    "Joint Venture" 1978 midcabin 28', twin 2017 Vortec roller cam "bullet proof" 383/6.3L full roller 350hp engines - You name it, I've either replaced it, restored it, rebuilt it, repainted it or repaired it. That's my job now that I'm retired.

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    Looks like a nice little RIB to me Bill, I did not know you could get a RIB that small and price point.
    I like it!


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      The only boats I’ve seen literally fall apart were pvc glued west marine. Welded pvc is a different story and I think you can get both from west marine. Easy to tell in person which way it’s constructed, I didn’t see it in the link.

      I’d look at the high field pvc line, my 9.5 aluminum/hypalon(or whatever they make now) rib was under 3000 at the boat show from waypoint marine. The cl290 I got has a bow locker and rated for a 15. It is right around 125#. The pvc version was ~500 less and I’d imagine a smaller non deluxe version would be lighter and in your price range. Just a thought.
      the dealer price was better than the best I could find online, and they knocked a few hundred more off when I told them I’d go for a walk to think about it. Car dealership nonsense, but I was happy with the service and still happy with the purchase.
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        I have a 9ft Mercury PVC RIB with glued seams on Kaulquappe and have had to reglue the seams every year for the last 3. However it’s 20 years old and spent much of that sitting vertical on the transom. I’m thinking of replacing it but the tube of sealant and a couple hours work each season has not pushed me over to buying new yet. It flies with a 2 stroke 9.9!
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        1977 2100SL w/470 Merc
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        1980 8'6" Dinghy w/2 OP (oar power)
        2002 10ft w/15hp Mer 4 stroke


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          Achilles HB-270 AL. Works great so far for what we use it for, no quality issues. 8 H.P. Merc, will plane it with 2 but going to sell the Merc and get a 9.9 EFI (not necessarily Merc)