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    Hello, glad to find this forum, I just recently bought an '81 17' I/O runabout. Going to convert to OS bracket and hang a 115hp Honda on it. Hull is excellent, I have always admired the older GP's I have seen when out fishing. I will be gutting the interior as it has been sitting in the open at the Oregon coast, but I would have anyway. My knees don't jive with those low seats anyway. Have already set up the build of an aluminum bracket and addition of a tower. I am wondering if anyone can confirm the size of the fuel tank, I am guessing close to 30 gal. considering the size I measured. The 4 cyl. Volvo might be in decent shape, not sure of the value, it looks like some new work on the carb and the owner did say it needed a t-stat and looks like it has had recent new parts added. Will put a battery on it and see if the thing will turn over. I will post pics of the rebuild. Hope to hear from you about the tank size and also reading posts on these fine NW boats......gary Click image for larger version

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    Welcome aboard, you will find a lot of friends and info on this site. I had a 1980 17' OB for a couple years and it was powered with a Evinrude 115hp Etec. that I loved the fuel economy Quite running at all speeds and very low maintenance that they require. Also no other motor has less emissions than the Etecs. they use almost no oil, no smoke or smell. My 17 had a 33 gal fuel tank.
    Two years ago I bought a 1985 19' OB GP and spent the winter putting a new interior in and installing a 150 hp Etec on it. I'm in my 70's and wanted a higher side board and it turned out great. I then sold the 17, there is a story of the build in the forum under restoration. Enjoy your great looking boat.. Ray


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      The 17.5 footer is rated for a 120 HP outboard. I asked my State Farm agent about a larger outboard and he said they wouldn't insure it. Just my opinion about the 4 stroke outboards. They tend to be 50 to 100 pounds heavier that the 2 strokes. I think these old boats were designed for 2 strokes. The heavier weight of the 4 strokes puts extra strain on the transom and the boats tend to sit lower in the water at the stern which while probably safe enough, I think it does not look quite right.


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        I will be beefing up the transom and when the offshore bracket is installed they sandwich the inside with an aluminum gusset plate with ribs. I have seen what they do and it should be good. I am a fan of using a bow mount trolling motor while fishing. I have one on the boat I have now. If I add that, along with 2- 70lb batteries up front, that might help to counteract that. I have added that mod on two open bow boats. It will be a little different for a closed bow, but I think I can modify the bow rails to accommodate. Those stainless rails on these older boats are super strong, they don't make them like that anymore. This '81 model was a well built, it even has a little heater with water lines going back to the engine block right under the dash. It will be fun creating my new fishing platform with this hull. I did a similar interior modification with a 17' fiberglass Smokercraft last winter, but I wanted a little more room and higher sides. I will have this boat to use at Roosevelt Lake where I have an RV, it is my escape and relax place. With this boat and almost new Honda, and the bigger fuel tank, I can explore some of this 100 mile long lake with confidence. Here is what I did before, and will be doing similar with the Glasply.