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    Been offered a free boat....(I know, I know...) come and get it the property owner said. Not a Glasply, but a Thunderbird/Formula boat, an early '80's Formula 233 S I believe. Property owners friend, who has since disappeared, needed a place to store the boat, and that was 10 years ago. The story I got was that the friend's father owned the boat and passed away leaving the boat to the son. Son dropped it off, and dropped off the radar so to speak. No paperwork. Unknown condition when dropped off, but just imagine what it's like now after having been outside for the last 10 years.

    Last registered in Washington in 2000, according to the stickers, so it may have been there longer than 10 years.

    Single engine, mercury stern drive, cuddy cabin.

    Trailer looks (from what I can see of it) half-way decent. I'm gonna take pictures of the registration numbers and trailer license (hopefully it has one) and go to the dmv to see if they have any records.

    I think it has potential....but thought I'd throw it up here to see what others think. The lack of titles may just kill the deal at my end, but dmv will tell me that story.

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    The property owner can write you a bill of sale for an abandoned boat on his land.


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      10 years sitting out in the PNW elements...

      What is it about the boat that makes you want to consider taking it on?
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        I'm a sucker for old does have good bones.


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          Originally posted by 18ftTrophy View Post
          The property owner can write you a bill of sale for an abandoned boat on his land.
          I'm not sure a bill of sale is enough. The state would ask if he was the owner, and since he is not, would not grant me a title. I need to talk to dmv about this.


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            I don't know about Washington, but in Oregon the land owner would have to go through a lien process to get a title. There is no way to get a title from just a bill of sale. Unless you want to spend the time and money to refurbish a ski boat for yourself, I wouldn't touch it.30 year old ski boats have no resale value. Even if I did want a ski boat for myself, I don't think I would start with one that is likely rotted at every location possible.
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              I'm agreeing with you Arne.


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                A classic Formula 233 is a somewhat desirable boat with a proven "offshore" hull design. This one looks pretty far gone in the pics, but a pressure washer and some elbow grease can go a long way! If you want to get neck deep in a project, you could do worse!


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                  I think there's an "ownership in doubt" option with a bill of sale that will get you a temp title-pretty sure its easier if it was a pre computer record and isn't in the system. Still likely requires a state patrol inspection and will be a pita.

                  I'm with mothership though, I like the hull design and if you squint just right it looks like a neat boat. Worst case you get it home and decide the hull is junk,and you sell some bits off it and end up with a bunch of pre laminated fiberglass backing plates when you feed your sawzall!


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                    Will not be hard to name this boat, MoneyPit seems appropriate.
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                      "if you squint just right ..."


                      I can't laugh too much, my GP was in the weeds for 20 years before it came to me and was brought back to life.


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                        It has good bones and a little bit of elbow grease, and a powerwasher, would do wonders. Would have to muck out the inside too, looks like it was lived in for a bit. Still on the fence...