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2020 Rendezvous August 7th-9th

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    Aw, ain't you sweet.
    2013, 2014 & 2015 LD Award Recipient, and Unquestioned World Record Holder for Longest Tow to the Glasply Rendezvous, THREE years running


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      I’m in for a shirt.. but I need size Fat! Also the Warden is
      in for Clam chowder cook off.. I think a cruise wold be fun
      with the Glasply’s.


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        I have been thru Deception Pass 3 times, after seeing how bad the currents can be I would not suggest going thru anytime except at slack tide. Your gonads got to be bigger then mine if you decide otherwise.
        "Joint Venture" 1978 midcabin 28', twin 2017 Vortec roller cam "bullet proof" 383/6.3L full roller 350hp engines - You name it, I've either replaced it, restored it, rebuilt it, repainted it or repaired it. That's my job now that I'm retired.


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          I went thru Canoe Pass Eastbound with tides running out faster than I thought they were. I started turning like usual but the Boat was not responding like usual, I cranked hard right while maintaining about 25mph and hooked up and shot thru. I told the guests after going thru I really should have stuck to Deception Pass. It was fun but an eye opener!

          I take Deception no matter the tide no problem with the 23'. I just keep it at around 25mph.

          I can see a 28' being a different animal.