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19.5 Cuddy Outboard Version Transom height/shaft length?

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  • 19.5 Cuddy Outboard Version Transom height/shaft length?

    I have the "Reinell" version of a Glasply 19.5 cuddy with a merc 4.3 motor and omc leg. I've always considered converting it to an outboard, either with transom cut work or a bracket/pod, and I just came across a local deal on a used 140 hp evinrude with a 20" shaft that might convince me to go ahead and do it. Just wondering what the transom height/shaft length was on the original 19.5 glasply cuddys. Measuring up 20" from the keel on mine would put a hypothetical outboard transom mount only a couple of inches above the waterline; that seems low to me, even with a splashwell. Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ron

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    There are several variables in play. Sterndrives are stern-heavy. Just the reduced weight may result in a lower water line. If you mount on a bracket, a flotation type bracket will help more. You can probably get a "bay kit" for the 140 to convert it into an XL (25") shaft. An originally outboard Glasply would probably be a long (20") shaft height transom but a 25" feels more secure in rough water..
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      Thanks; I'll probably end up building a bracket with some floatation... and redo the stringers at the same time. Here's why: The sides of my two main stringers that face the center of the boat are fiberglass, but when I cut a hole in the deck and dug out some foam between the stringers and the outside of the hull to check for dampness in the foam, I discovered there isn't any fiberglass on the hull side of the stringers, just plywood. It's like the builders thought, "well, we're pouring foam in there and sealing it up anyway, so why bother to glass the stringers on that side". Is this... acceptable?

      Also, the width of each stringer, including the fiberglass and the plywood, is no more than an inch and a quarter. Seems thin to me, would appreciate any opinions . And yes, the foam was damp, but the plywood, where I could check it, didn't show any rot, so that's good... for a while.


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        Hello, I am a new member. I have a 1981 17' and will be doing something similar. I am putting an aluminum bracket on for a 2015 Honda 115hp LS (20") There will be a bit of flotation added as the bracket will continue the shape of the hull back for the depth of the added bracket. But it will not be full width, maybe 24" wide, centered. I do think a 25" shaft would be better for the bracket addition, but I got a screaming deal on the one I bought. I still need to pull the Volvo out as I just got the boat this week.