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Vibration while running

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  • Vibration while running

    I had my new boat out for the first time. It is a 1985 19' glasply runabout. The outboard is a 2007 Evinrude e-tec. The prop is a 3 blade stainless, not sure of the pitch. There was vibration up to 4000 rpm, then it seemed to subside. Not bad vibration but enough to make me wonder what was causing it. My guess is the prop but was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Any thoughts on what might be causing it and why? Thanks.


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    The former owner reported in his write up about your boat that he had the boat out and "Boat runs out good with a 47mph top". Seems if there had been vibration that he would have noticed it then, I suspect you have a damaged prop or it was changed since it was out last time.
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      Thanks for the reply. Same prop he had and no visible damage to it. I will bring my fishing bud out next time and see if he notices it and can figure it out. I read all of the posts by 18ftTrophy.