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28 dual And tripple trailer first attempt

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    Originally posted by Glashawk View Post
    Bill, when I hauled the rear sling was holding ~8000#s and the front was ~3800. So the further fwd towards the bow continues to lighten the front sling load while putting more weight on rear. I’m not saying your location is wrong as every boat is loaded differently. The operator originally had his front sling further fwd and moved it backwards to gain a little more balanced weight...if you can call 32% in the front/68% rear balanced.
    Very good point that I had not thought about. Being I carry 200 gals of gas and 65 gals of water plus at least 200# of tackle and spare parts I doubt my bow weight is as high as yours but the rear sling weight is higher then yours. Will need to check my weights the next time I put boat in the water. Thanks Brian
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      Brian and Bill
      How much adjustment does the sling operator have between the bow and stern sling hangers? Don't most marinas have their sling straps hang from a rectangular frame?
      Do you mark the sling points on the hull as a guide for the crane operator? I would think the trailer bunk cutouts would have to fairly closely match the sling points.
      Just asking for a friend.
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        When’s she’s hanging just above the bunks in the slings I’m going to cut out notches for the slings in the general area so it can be lifted out easy every time.


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