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  • Sekiu

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Sekiu. The fishing was incredible. We were only allowed to keep hatchery fish of course but we were catching 8-10 wild Coho for every Hatchery fish that we could keep. We were able to release most wild fish without an issue. Some were Eye hooked or gill hooked and could not be saved. But we had to release them according to the regs. 14 days in the boat 14 days of limits and we never stayed out past 3pm. Some of the wild Coho went around 15lbs. I and a lot of other fisherman out there wish we could just keep the first 2 we catch because we saw a lot of wild Coho floating and dead. Maybe people just aren't as careful when they release them or they just don't know how, I think they would save a lot more fish if we could keep the first 2 fish we catch. The biologists on the dock agreed with us but their suggestions seem to fall on deaf ears. It's to bad. Anyway the old Glasply is a fishing machine everyone loves fishing out of it. I have added a fresh water wash down tank and pump, new canvas with a drop curtain and replaced the kicker with a new Merc 9.9 pro troll. The V6 I had put in it has been great it runs perfect. My bilge pump went out the day we were pulling out so I have some minor maint. to do I will be adding 2 new pumps plus a aux. pump. With the fresh water rinse the pumps run even more now but I expected that. Hope everyone is well. Time to get ready for hunting season I will be gone for most of October and November chasing Deer and Elk around the Mountains. We are going on a Prong horn hunt in Mid November on a buddies ranch in Southern Montana. I think I like this retirement gig it has it's perks.

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    Sounds like a great trip.


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      A few pics.


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          Awesome! Thanks for the photo's!


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            Tobias, I remember a few years ago you repowered with a 4.3. fuel injected v6?
            Did you also use a new outdrive? If so which one? Are you happy with that decision?
            Thunderstruck, 19 ft 1979 cuddy. 86 170 merc. A1OD.


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              I heard you were up at Sekiu! The other day a guy named Chris bought a trailer I got with a parts boat a while back. He lives in Tacoma and used to be an elevator guy, but works at Bangor now. I said thatís strange, I know an elevator guy....Dave something I think. He knew you and went on and on about the new engine you put in your boat and how you retired and are up at Sekiu reeling in Coho! Small world, huh?!

              Sounds like a great time youíre having! Good for you, man! Thanks for the report and the pics!
              -- Tim Taylor

              1979 Glasply 21-foot I/O Overnighter w/ 5.0L Volvo-Penta duoprop (Cardinal)
              1982 Glasply 16-foot runabout w/ 50hp Mercury OB (JV Junior)
              1978 Glasply 19-1/2 foot runabout, project boat (Beer Goggles)

              I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.


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                That's exactly why I quit going CharterFishing at WestPort even tho my trips were paid for! Most of the fish were native and what sucked was a guy played a long time around a 30 pounder and of course he had to let it go.