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How much does it REALLY weigh?

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  • How much does it REALLY weigh?

    I am creating this sticky to document ACTUAL weights of individual boats. No estimates or guesses are allowed here. I expect any posted weight here to go through the same basic pains I went through to assure the accuracy of this first posted weight (of Cardinal, in post #2).

    All posted weights should include comments on the following details:

    Amount of fuel on board
    Basic list of equipment on board
    What engine and/or outdrive

    Check out the next post to see how I arrived at Cardinal's weight and post your weights in a smiliar fashion. If you don't know your factory published weight, I am sure Socal will happily supply that!

    If I was unable to find the weight of the empty trailer, I would have launched the boat and driven the truck and empty trailer back over the scales. That would have been even more accurate than the method I used.

    So how much does your Glasply REALLY weigh?!
    -- Tim Taylor

    1979 Glasply 21-foot I/O Overnighter w/ 5.0L Volvo-Penta duoprop (Cardinal)
    1982 Glasply 16-foot runabout w/ 50hp Mercury OB (JV Junior)
    1978 Glasply 19-1/2 foot runabout, project boat (Beer Goggles)

    In filling out an application, where it reads, 'In case of emergency, Notify:' I put 'DOCTOR'.

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    Cardinal is a 2200 Series I/O Overnighter model (a 21-footer with the port-side "galley-down" and starboard-side head compartment forward of the helm). Her current weight is 5,230 lbs with approximately 55 gallons of fuel on board, along with 6 gallons of fresh water, a small assortment of spare parts and tools, a couple of manual Scotty downriggers and a shore power cord. Electronics don't weigh much, but they're installed as well along with a stainless radar arch. No ice chest. Engine is a 2003 Volvo Penta 5.0L with a Duoprop outdrive, all full of fluids.

    I arrived at that weight by taking my truck and the trailered boat over the scales at our local gravel yard. It all weighed in at 13,600 lbs.

    After that I brought the boat home, then drove the truck back over the scales. It weighed 6,980 with just me in it, a full tank of fuel (less 65 miles' worth) and the canopy off.

    The factory brochure I found online for the trailer manufacturer lists the boat trailer's unladened weight as 1,225. Since the spare tire and load guides were listed as options, I removed those and weighed them to add to the 1,225. (Spare was 50# and one load guide was 52#. So 52 x 2 = 104, plus I estimated an additional 10 or so pounds for the mounts for them which I did not remove.) So the total trailer weight is 1,390. So....

    13,600 truck & trailered boat
    - 6,980 truck
    - 1,390 trailer
    5,230 Cardinal's actual current weight (4,850 deducting for fuel and water on board)

    Factory (dry) weight for a 1979 2200 Series I/O Overnighter (which I think is sometimes referenced as a 2280 OV model) is 3,615 with an 898 MerCruiser.

    So there ya have it! When I get the engine back into Chopstick, I will do the same with her.
    -- Tim Taylor

    1979 Glasply 21-foot I/O Overnighter w/ 5.0L Volvo-Penta duoprop (Cardinal)
    1982 Glasply 16-foot runabout w/ 50hp Mercury OB (JV Junior)
    1978 Glasply 19-1/2 foot runabout, project boat (Beer Goggles)

    In filling out an application, where it reads, 'In case of emergency, Notify:' I put 'DOCTOR'.


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      Weighed Appella on the way to Utah. With approximately 30 gallons of water, around 50 gallons of fuel, one of Jr's turds and a gallon of pee in the holding tank, I was 10,600 lb on the 3 axle spread, 1,050 lb on the tongue weight.
      Boat is a 28, with a single 502 big block Chevy and a 8 hp Honda on board. Also has a Glasply dingy on the swim step. Dunno what the trailer might weigh.


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        My 3 axle steel painted trailer is right at 2000 lbs and the boat weighs 12,200 with 50 gallons of gas and empty holding & water tanks. Includes 7 fishing poles and 3 tackle boxes, 200# of spare parts and tools, 2 11# and 1 5# propane tanks, and about 200# of food and bedding. Twin V-drive 350 V8's and 5 group 24 batteries.
        "Joint Venture" 1978 midcabin 28', twin 2017 Vortec roller cam "bullet proof" 383/6.3L full roller 350hp engines - You name it, I've either replaced it, restored it, rebuilt it or repaired it. That's my job now that I'm retired.


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          1992 214c (21'4") mercruiser 5.7 alpha 1 outdrive, full fuel tank 80gals, 10gals water, 6ft inflatable, 9.9 Honda, 2 group 27 battery's, electronics including radar, penn electric downriggers, head with pump-out, boat= 5130lbs. trailer=1720lbs. total= 6850lbs

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            1978 192 (19'-2") w/Mercruiser 470, 40+ gals fuel, dual battery, and limited gear on single axle calkins trailer weighed in at 4600#. My Calkins trailer has a scale weight of 870# but I added a spare tire so I'm figuring around 900lbs to be fair. That means with little to no gear on board, the boat weighs 3700# with Merc 470 and 40gals of fuel on board. The brochure for the 1978 model states 2785lbs with Merc 470 so that must have been "dry" without fuel. Assuming an avg weight of 6lbs/gallon that would be 240lbs additional weight. My boat also has had the privilege of "soaking" up water in the foam for the last 38 I am going after the excess weight problem I have by removing the foam and replacing the saturated plywood floor. Its a glass stringer boat so no issues with the "structure" beneath.
            Current Fleet - 1978 VIP w/4.3 V6 Merc (Glas-Hawk)
            2002 10ft w/15hp Merc 4 stroke - Glas-Hawk2
            1976 28ft w/twin Yanmars - Kaulquappe
            Previous Affairs
            1977 17 w/115 Merc Tower of Power
            1980 2100SL w/470 Merc
            1977 2100SL w/470 Merc
            1979 18'6" "Donzi-Ply" w/470 Merc
            1980 8'6" Dinghy w/2 OP (oar power)


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              1982 2580 "Hi-Boy" with 5.7 Merc, Alpha I Gen II, completely empty, 5376 pounds, 2 golf cart batteries, one group 27 battery. No fuel water, etc.
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              1982 2580 "HI-BOY " IN 2 DEEP 5.7LX ALPHA


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                Your boat looks Awesome!
                Boat=Bust out another thousand
                1973 19' Glasply HT 140 Mercruiser- procrastinating ongoing rebuild
                1985 2200 Glasply HT Marauder 5 L


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                  Originally posted by jbs View Post
                  Your boat looks Awesome!
                  Thanks...! Its amazing what one can do in 5 plus years and PLENTY of $$$$$$$.....
                  1982 2580 "HI-BOY " IN 2 DEEP 5.7LX ALPHA