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What to look for in a 28

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  • What to look for in a 28


    I am am a prospective buyer looking at the "Ocean Bear". 1981 28 long cabin with twin Volvo 4.3 gxi's.

    She appears to be a beauty, but I thought I'd throw a couple of questions out to those in the know.

    Is anybody here familiar with this boat? If so, any history would be greatly appreciated.

    If there isn't any knowledge of this particular boat, are there any specific things I should look for when inspecting?

    Thanks in advance,

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    it will be under powered with 4.3's
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      Welcome aboard Jrose, You'll find all the info you need on this site.


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        ‘Depends on how fast you want to go. 28’’s came with a variety of power plants from the factory and most have been repowered one or more times. My 82 LC had a pair of BMW in-line 6’s. Was repowered with. pair of Marine Power EFI 350’s. Plenty of power, but it’s not a speedboat like Weigh2go and Joint Venture.
        You should have both a hull survey and a mechanical survey. If you search the forum for 28’s you will get an idea of repairs/upgrades/modifications done by members.
        Look at fuel systems-tanks and lines; electrical wiring, prop shafts/strut bushings, steering systemrs & rudders, head & sanitation system and on and on. Hulls are solid. Salt air and time take their toll on the replaceable items. Don’’’t think you will find an owner who doesn’’’t think their GP is worth keeping.
        Welcome to our world and the forum.
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        The cruise liner QE2 moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel fuel that it burns.

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          Thanks for the response and the welcome.

          So, the 4.3's are not going to make it a speed demon, which I'm okay with, but are they under powered to the point of compromising the engine life? If these boats ever came with anything smaller than a 70's-80's vintage 305s, I have to think the 4.3GXIs would be sufficient for most activities.

          I have a survey, but is there anything unique about these boats that I should pay particular attention to? Ex, thru hauls were known to??? bridge floor was known to??? etc?

          Thanks again.


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            Welcome Jrose, I'm very familiar with Ocean Bear and the owners who put all the $$ into the boat refitting. They did a spectacular job with that boat! The 4.3's in this case are not under powered and that boat performed very well! But you would obviously want to do a sea trial to see for yourself. If you want to talk to the person who delivered Ocean Bear to her last owners and some history of the boat, please private message me and I'll put you in touch with them. Unless there's been some mistreatment of that boat, there would be nothing wrong with it. You won't like driving it from the lower helm, due to visibility issues, but as far as structurally, I don't recall anything being wrong with them from the factory? Also, they don't really like quartering aft seas, especially if the trim tabs are deployed, otherwise, they're a battle wagon for their size.