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Looks like I found the right forum for boat addiction

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  • Looks like I found the right forum for boat addiction

    Hi, I'm new here and glad I found this forum. It looks like there is some great info and advice regarding all things Glasply. I am currently looking for a nice Glasply for fishing the lakes in north Idaho, primarily Pend O Reille and Priest trolling for rainbows and macs. It looks like the 21-24 Glasply is the prefect platform to rig for that purpose. As I see it the are a few things that are a must have, for me at least. A hardtop cabin is the first thing and ideally it would have the rear bulkhead to keep the weather out and extend the fishing into the late fall. Also the ability to trailer the boat to move between lakes or launch points on the different lakes to make a shorter run to the fish, and to avoid having to keep in the water and pay berthing and extra maintenance. The other must for me is a v-berth to allow weekend boat camping when the weather is nice. It looks like most of what I will be looking at will have an IO which is fine. I ultimately would consider buying something with a unserviceable engine or out drive with the idea of converting to an extended aluminum transom bracket with a four stroke outboard. I have a line on a 225hp Honda with around 1k hours which seems like a great main power plant for one of these boats. I expect that anything I buy will have to be rigged with a good kicker and TR-1 unit and electric downriggers etc. I figure I'm going to be into the rigging for trolling 7-10k on top of the cost of the boat.

    Ideally I will find a decent boat and run it with the IO before deciding to go all in with the outboard repower to insure that I will be rigging a boat that I want to fish for years to justify the investment.

    From what I have learned so far on this site I should be focusing on the 1980 and newer to avoid the wood stringers. Other than that it looks like these boats are built like brick shithouses in regards to the hull. I understand there will be some normal retrofit with a nearly 40 year old boat like fuel tanks and the rest.

    Thanks in advance for all your info and advice.

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    good luck with the search, good bunch of guys hear with a ton of knowledge
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      Welcome to the forum. See if this boat is still for sale. I'd bet the price could be negotiated lower. Has an OMC drive which aren't popular anymore. Would be a great boat for an outboard conversion.
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        Killer B's

        Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a good idea of what you want in a new boat. If you find a 24, take it over a 21. Same beam, but deeper and more room in the cabin. I pulled my 2580 with a Volvo I/O on a tandem Calkins trailer behind a Chevy van with a 400 c.i. engine. Should be some good boats coming on the market this time of year. We are tracking nearly 600 GP's in our Registry, from Alaska to Jacksonville FL and out to New Zealand. Strong, dry riding hulls for a safe boating experience
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          Welcome aboard and good luck in your search. When and if you do a bracket, don't over look Evinrude Etec.


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            When you're ready to rig up the fishing gear let me know maybe I can help.
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