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Newbie seeking input on 1979 23 foot Glass Ply w/ 2012 Mercury 150 4 stroke

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  • Newbie seeking input on 1979 23 foot Glass Ply w/ 2012 Mercury 150 4 stroke

    My son and I are looking for a solid fishing boat for the waters around Kauai. This would be our first boat together and my first boat in 50 years. There is a 1979 23 foot Glass Ply w/ 2012 Mercury 150 4 stroke and 9.9 kicker, including some nice fishing gear, being offered for sale for $14,500 OBO. That is a common price for well used fishing boats in Hawaii.

    We are hoping to have a look this afternoon. Can anyone advise us on what we should be looking for to ensure that we are considering a boat worth investing in?

    Should we insist upon a sea trial and should I engage a marine surveyor?

    Anything special about Glasplys which we should be aware of?

    Many thanks for any input you may be able to provide.

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    Bruce, there's many on this forum with a vast knowledge of that engine and mechanical systems in general, but you have to give them time to respond if you're looking at that boat this afternoon. It may take some a few days.

    Generally, absolutely you should insist upon a sea trial and make sure the boat performs to the recommended RPM range for that engine, if it doesn't, why? Is this boat kept in the water? or trailered?

    The one thing in particular about GP's of this vintage would be fuel tank issues, has it ever been replaced? is there a saddle tank? It's old enough that fuel systems (tanks) would need to be addressed more than likely.

    The hull should be good unless it took a serious impact.

    If that Outboard wasn't original, then there might be issue's with the Pod systems and stern. The guys on this forum are very well versed in making the changeover and have done incredible jobs in doing those, you need to peruse those sections on this forum to see the outstanding work and what's involved.

    When in doubt, hire a surveyor and yes, $14,500 would be on the high side State side...

    Good luck and hope to hear the outcome.


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      In my opinion a 150 OB would be a little on the small side for a boat that size. May get the job done but if Im cruising BIG Pacific water, I want power to burn.