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Anyone experienced with Volvo Penta AQ120B/270 sterndrive ?

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  • Anyone experienced with Volvo Penta AQ120B/270 sterndrive ?

    I'm looking to talk to folks familiar with Volvo Penta AQ120B/270. I have recently purchased a 1978 Glasply with this setup.

    1978 17' Runabout - AQ120B/270
    1978 23' Cuddy

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    Nice looking boat in the pictures you posted. Member "username" will hopefully chime in- he knows a ton more about the Volvo motors than most of us. Are you having some issues with it, or just have questions.
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      AQ120B 110hp IIRC good motor

      Rule of thumb the points dwell must be set right at 623. Best to keep it as close to 62 or 63 as possible, they start best in that range. Without a choke, you need all the help you can get.

      Or get a

      Change out your
      U-joints you can use the Spicer 5-1306X
      PDS bearing PN# 6206-2RS thats a standard bearing about 15$
      seals dont know PN they are a standard size also so you dont need a VP big buck.

      Bellows ONLY buy VP made.

      timing belt you can get by with a carquest kit. belt is a gates, bearing made in korea....
      Napa belt and bearing Hecko en mexico

      Do you still have the red sparkplug wires? If yes GREAT!!!!!!!!!! they are like a cockroach they'll live though a nucular war


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        Username, thanks and it's great to be able to talk to someone about these gems.

        I know they are very dwell sensitive. I do still have the red wires. The boat was owned for most of its life by a mechanic and well taken care of. However, on my second run, I ran into a problem:

        1978 Volvo Penta AQ120B. Ran Wednesday for 45 minutes on lake. Ran great, started right up. This engine literally purrs. At home, I drained fresh water open system at manifold and heat exchanger. Also broke and drained lines to sea water pump. Closed system has antifreeze in it.

        Temps were freezing Wednesday night and Thursday.

        Went to lake again on Thursday (yesterday). Upon trying to start engine - ugly noise. Grinding like. I looked, saw nothing, tried again, same noise and then it quickly changed to a quieter almost spinning noise. Looked at engine again and found my timing belt was sheared. (Belt was in fine shape prior to this).

        Was there water left in the bottom of the sea water pump that froze?
        If so, is that enough to shear a perfectly conditioned timing belt?
        Did I fry my impellor?
        Also, I made a rookie mistake and had my drive up when I started it the first time.
        No water was drawn into the sea pump; when I checked at home, the heat exchanger and manifold still had the antifreeze I put in them the night before (for safe measure).

        I figure I should start at the sea water pump and open it up, but not sure where to go from there.

        Thanks for any input.

        p.s. Should this conversation move to a forum? I don't know what works best for everyone, so let me know if I should be corresponding elsewhere on the site
        1978 17' Runabout - AQ120B/270
        1978 23' Cuddy


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          Originally posted by Kaiser View Post
          p.s. Should this conversation move to a forum? I don't know what works best for everyone, so let me know if I should be corresponding elsewhere on the site
          You posted your question in exactly the right forum: Engines / Mechanical

          I hope you get good news about your engine. Sounds like username is well versed in them! Knowledge like his is what makes this forum valuable.

          Thanks, guys....
          -- Tim Taylor

          1979 Glasply 21-foot I/O Overnighter w/ 5.0L Volvo-Penta duoprop (Cardinal)
          1982 Glasply 16-foot runabout w/ 50hp Mercury OB (JV Junior)
          1978 Glasply 19-1/2 foot runabout, project boat (Beer Goggles)

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            Your DarrellK

            Something tells (guessing) me your crank gear was froze to your belt that's why it broke. mine was pine needles

            You must also drain the seawater pump by loosening the 4 bolts.

            Pm sent
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              Just remembered these guys