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EASY oil change!!!

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  • EASY oil change!!!

    I had ONE messy oil change and that was the last one! I am not a fan of sucking oil out as I like to remove every bit if possible.

    Next oil change I will attach 3/8 tubing to valve run it thru transom plug hole into a bucket and open the valve.

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    I tried to do something similar, but the valve I got was too big to fit with the drain plug being off to the lower side of the oil pan. Can you post the specs of that valve? I wonder if the threads would fit other oil pans.....
    -- Tim Taylor

    1979 Glasply 21-foot I/O Overnighter w/ 5.0L Volvo-Penta duoprop (Cardinal)
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    1978 Glasply 19-1/2 foot runabout, project boat (Beer Goggles)

    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.


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      Fumoto has a fitment chart. I looked up GM 350 1978.

      Fumoto F-101N Engine Oil Drain Valve $24.88 AMAZON

      The size of engine oil drain valve is 1/2 inch - 20 Unified National Fine Thread. Used to drain engine oil with the touch of a finger and eliminates stripped threads. It replaces drain plug for quick, easy, clean oil change. It is also ideal for drawing small sample of oil for oil analysis. Helps to avoid contact with hot oil and prevents hands and clothes from getting messed up.