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    Ok 79 glasply 17 good shape. Volvo aq120b with 270 outdrive. Fired it up today and all of a sudden knock knock knock not good. I was just curious on my options for report or is it junk.

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    Does the knock speed up and down as you give it more or less throttle?
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      Don't panic yet. It could be the gimbal bearing. When they go bad its a nasty knock that can be easily mistaken for a bad engine noise.


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        I will check again shortly.


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          The AQ series drives use a PDS bearing (primary drive shaft), rather than a gimbal system - the seals on the PDS are actually installed backwards to how seals are normally installed. There are some unique things about the aq series. They are solid if taken care of and maintained.

          If the PDS bearing goes, it can cause damage to the flywheel cover and other parts costing big dollars.

          Go to marine engine forum. There is a tremendous amount of info on there about the AQ series (engines and drives).
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