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outdrive lift hydraulic rams. parts availability?

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  • outdrive lift hydraulic rams. parts availability?

    1978 GlasPly hardtop 19ft. Merc 140 I/O. One of the two hydraulic rams to lift the outdrive is not working. it is not leaking but after removing both lower mounts from the outdrive and activating them only one actualy moves in and out. the other no movement. Pulled both lines from that unit and fluid moves to and fro properly. removed the ram from the boat and lines, seems frozen, cannot move in or out manually. Removed the rams shaft from the tube and seems top outter collar that also houses main shaft seal seems frozen on shaft. Any ideas? Anybody know where to find parts or hopfully not a complete new ram? thanks!

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    Hook the lines back up to both and have the rams detached, at least from one end. Run the one that moves all the way out and then see if the other will move once it gets all the hydraulic force. If so, work them a few cycles. Could be they just need to be exercised a bit.

    If you end up needing some, post up here in the Wanted forum. There are a few of us who have been known to end up with a collection of extra boat parts...

    By the way, dustyd, welcome to the forum!
    -- Tim Taylor

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      i have a stack of rams for different generations and sides
      1980 2400 Cuddy I/O, 2017 Cummins 4BT coupled to a Volvo DP-SM with F9 Props, and a 2014 Mercury 15HP Pro-Kicker "LOOSE CHANGE"