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1974 Glasply - whats the best way to drain the gas?

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  • 1974 Glasply - whats the best way to drain the gas?

    Whats the best way to drain old gas out of this tank?

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    Electric fuel pump and 5 gallon fuel cans.
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      I once disconnected the fuel supply hose and ran it out the drain plug to a Jerry can behind the boat. Then I had someone hold the shop vac hose (with the shop vac set on BLOW) over the vent outlet. This put some pressure in the tank to help encourage the old fuel to flow out. Worked well.

      But be careful however you do it as gas fumes are extremely volatile.
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        I used the oil evacuator connected to the fuel hose and just pump up a little vacuum and it will all come out nice and slow and well contained in the evacuator. BTW this is a great way to get the new gas up to the engine as well

        Like this one, available everywhere


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          I second the electric fuel pump. I have 3/8 hose on it and it fits in the fuel pick up hole nicely.
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