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Source For Replacement Waste Pump Out On GP 28

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  • Source For Replacement Waste Pump Out On GP 28

    I saw some comments on the replacement if the PAR pump out on the GP 28. Did anyone find a replacement part? My plastic handle is broken and useless.


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    My 28 LC has a macerator pump under the sink. Pump out is through deck fitting. Are you looking for a replacement deck plate?
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      If you mean the goofy plastic pumpout deck fitting that GP used... no I don't think a direct replacement is available. I made a stainless adapter plate using the old one as a template, and I think others have used starboard to do the same. 316 stainless isn't nice to tooling but I think looks better, starboard is very easy to work and will still look nice. So you just need a piece of stainless or starboard and a standard waste fitting. I get small stainless pieces from ebay for projects like this.


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        Yes, the deck plate that theremikegoes referenced. I guess I will look for starwood sknce no replacement is available.


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          JJC made a plate for me about a year ago. I looks much better than the old plastic one, and is much easier to open. Check it out.
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