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deck railing catches water

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  • deck railing catches water

    Anyone had a deck railing catch water in the fitting that is screwed to the deck and cause rust staining? I have one that caused a rust stain at the base and it looks like it was holding water. I pulled it and the stain came away with a light sanding. I was planning to rebed it with 4200, however that will just make it hold water even better. I didn't find any evidence of what caused the rust stain so I'm not sure what to do to keep it from returning. Try to just bed it around the screw holes and leave the middle unsealed?

    Just a thought though-if all the deck rail fittings were bedded well they would all hold rain water like tiny cups. Is it just not normally an issue and maybe an old fastener that is no longer present caused it?

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    I have the same problem with my 17'. I've been afraid to mess with it thinking the screws weren't SS.


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      Same issue with 28', but like 18ft Trophy, afraid to start messing with it. Can't stand it though, may have to try something which will end up a much larger project....


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        Try something like complete custom welded railings with no fittings to catch water...?


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          I think the problem is some of the railings used 304 or sub-316 stainless in the railing fittings ( AKA ) Chinese fittings.
          Earlier Glasply 28's had welded railings. One way to cure the rust for quite awhile, polish the underside of the pad, or fitting, I did this with my railings, bedded with UV 4200, so far so good. Even 316 stainless will rust if the surface is rough.


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            I'll try polishing the bottom and leave a small break in the bedding at the middle so it at least cant fill up. The weird thing is it's literally just one that has a rust stain-so material quality control would very much make sense. I guess I should consider myself lucky that only one has staining.

            I have a tubing bender and a nearby friend with a TIG, but that's a project for another year...