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Floor and boat integrity

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  • Floor and boat integrity

    Hello all,
    I have a '79 glasply 17. Working on getting it in the water soon. The original seats were already gone so I took the rest of the beat up interior out and figured I would start over. Just want a salmon/crab slayer anyway. There was a tiny bit of floor rot under the helm area. I cut out a small area and then started thinking about unused space. I was thinking about opening up more floor for storage and even a forward Battery well. Then started wondering how much the floor adds to the hull/boat integrity. Any input, ideas are welcome.

    I was thinking of under floor batter and a center cooler/gear stash but don't know how many openings I should/could get away with. Also, there is a footboad, for lack of a better term under the dash, is that structural? I would like to remove it.

    Thanks for any advice.