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    I couldn't find any threads about who likes what tire for their trailer so here I am.
    My trailer takes 205/75/15. There are so many brands out there my head spin(spins all the time any way).
    Soooo what do you all recommend?
    1978 Glasply 21ft 5.7l Mercruiser R drive "Sandi's Surprise"
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    99.9% of all trailer tires are made in china ST = slow trailer.

    If you go on a RV forum you'll see nothing but complaints about STs.... Lots of people are changing over to LT tires Light truck tires...... Made in USA.

    I know this does not answer your question in any way just adds more to the head spinning.


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      Type of tire is more important. You definitely want an ST tire as they have stronger sidewalls than a standard tire.

      When I can, I try to stay away from Chinese brands for my vehicles, but it's almost impossible for trailer tires. I currently have Trail America tires and the seem to ride well; no bounce or sway. Goodyear came out with a US made trailer tire early this year called the Endurance.
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        User, do you rum LT tires? I posted before I saw your post
        1978 17' Runabout - AQ120B/270
        1978 23' Cuddy


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          I have e range truck tires on my trailer.


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            Thanks guys, good to know about the Chinese st tires. I do know trailer tires are different than vehicle tires.
            I will be looking for U.S. made tires.
            This forum is great.
            1978 Glasply 21ft 5.7l Mercruiser R drive "Sandi's Surprise"
            1981 Glasply 17ft 70hp Johnson & 9.8hp Nissan kicker "Skunked"


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              GoodYear has came out with a new USA Made trailer tire. From what i have read it sounds like a quality ST tire.

              New Endurance features Durawall Technology

              AKRON, Ohio, January 30, 2017 – For years, hobbyists who tow boats, jet skis and snowmobiles to recreational destinations have asked for an American-manufactured trailer tire to help carry their cargo with confidence. Millions of workers who haul equipment from job to job have echoed that desire.

              The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has answered that call with the new Endurance trailer tire, which was unveiled this week during Goodyear’s 2017 Customer Conference in Orlando, Fla.

              “Goodyear is proud and excited to introduce the Endurance, the only radial special trailer tire built in the United States,” said Ryan Patterson, president of Goodyear’s North American consumer tire business.

              A tire capable of transporting the heaviest and most crucial cargo, The Goodyear Endurance features Goodyear Durawall Technology, which helps resist sidewall cuts and punctures.

              Available in Load Ranges D and E to accommodate larger trailer load capacities, the entire Endurance trailer line carries the N speed rating allowing consumers to travel at highway speeds. The Endurance also contains a wide range of features, including:

              An optimized tread depth and decoupling groove, which help it remain cool while towing heavy loads;
              Rugged fabric-steel construction, which offers improved durability and carrying capacity while remaining compatible with tire pressure monitoring systems and typical tire inflation stations;
              A specialized inner liner, which minimizes air loss in trailer applications; and
              A scuff guard, which helps protect sidewalls.

              In addition to introducing the new Endurance, Goodyear has unveiled a brand new, special trailer size: ST 255/85R16. The Endurance is the only tire on the market available in that size.

              “The launch of the Goodyear Endurance is an exciting development for consumers who want a durable, domestically manufactured tire that they can trust to carry their important cargo,” said Patterson. “Goodyear is proud to meet this need with the new Endurance.”

              Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. It employs about 66,000 people and manufactures its products in 48 facilities in 21 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio, and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg, strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. For more information about Goodyear and its products, go to


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                Originally posted by Jasonfast View Post
                I have e range truck tires on my trailer.
                Wow.. 10ply, you can turn those into rocks 85psi max cold


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                  My bad experience with Goodyear FYI,
                  It's a little late to replay on this thread but it's worth putting out there in the event someone might learn from my bad experience recently with Goodyear Marathon trailer tires. The came factory on a 2015 Arctic Fox fifth wheel I bought and were covered in the year that it was owned when parked. Issue I had was with the tires delaminating after a year of light use. Light use being less than 10k with pressures checked and maintained and tires hubs etc. checked with infrared gun during travel with no noted anomalies. During one of my checks I noticed some premature wear on an inside shoulder. Rotated and checked axles and bearings prior to the next trip with no issues noted. Next trip the same tire developed severe abnormal wear which looked like circular spots of excessive wear about 4-5" in diameter in random spots on the tire. The base tread was at about 60-70% of new and some of the wear spots were showing cord. Luckily I found it in my checks before it blew and destroyed my skirting in the process. Tire store said it was an all too common issues with the Marathons which are in fact made in China. All four tires needed replacing and the prorated discount from Goodyear on the new tires was not worth continuing to patronize a company who imports and sells defective products. A short Google search will confirm the nightmares people have had with Goodyear Marthons, lots of boat guys in Florida with multiple tire failures on new boats. Maybe some of the goodyears are okay but I wouldn't do business with them again. They should have done a full recall and replace in my opinion, similar to what Firestone did on the ford tires. Just my two cents...


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                    CHINA BOMB tires are just that no matter the label placed on them!

                    The new GY Endurance has an awesome record so far and is US Made. My Son towed his boat from NW WA to TX this Summer in hot weather towing at 75 with ZERO issues.

                    GY is the only one that will pay for any damage caused by one if their tires.

                    Bottom line stay away from CHINA BOMBS!!!


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                      Great.... now I'm nervous and tow a lot... The triple axle under our 28' has 235-80R16 load range D, brand is Load Star-Karrier. So far, 1000's miles no issues and don't ever seem to heat up even one tow where ambient temps were 100 plus for 4 hrs. All my other trailers have a total mix of brands (not on the same trailer). They seem good, but not sure I want to just start replacing them although trailer tires concern me the most when towing...
                      Over the winter, I only put one trailer (23' GP) on jack stands, the others I guess will just develop flat spots...Anyone else??

                      (But definitely like the idea that GY is now making tires in the US!! )


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                        I ran Michelin LTX load range E on my last trailer, despite expert advice against it, they worked flawlesy. Now I have Chinese tires, load range E, no problems yet. One thing I do is put the trailer on blocks when it will be sitting for a while, (tires in pic are off the ground) occaisionally walk by and spin the tires with my foot as to keep the bearings rotated. I have been told that the ground sucks the moisture out of the tires. I also watch my pressure closely and put my hand on them when I stop to pee. Nothing is worse than changing a tire on the shoulder of an interstate, always seems to happen on the left side of the trailer, so your ass is inches from the ASSHOLES that don't care to change lanes, as to give you some room.
                        Don't even get me started on freeway etiquette.
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                          Originally posted by Appella View Post
                          Nothing is worse than changing a tire on the shoulder of an interstate, always seems to happen on the left side of the trailer, so your ass is inches from the ASSHOLES that don't care to change lanes, as to give you some room.
                          Don't even get me started on freeway etiquette.
                          Those could easily have been my words as well. I once witnessed a young Navy sailer standing at the curb waiting on a bus. A city bus came by so close to him the right mirror hit the kids head while he was standing there and killed him. I have no doubt it was a closed coffin funeral based on what was left of his head. Bus was only traveling about 25mph, can you imagine a car going 60-70mph when you're changing a tire?
                          "Joint Venture" 1978 28' twin 2017 Vortec roller cam 383/6.3L 350hp engines - You name it, I've either replaced it, restored it, rebuilt it or repaired it. That's my job now that I'm retired.