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    I seem to be unable to reply to your message because I am missing a security token. Until or the old-fashioned way (206)-409-2822
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    Binford, we were wanting to ask you a question about chopstick. We really like the swimstep you have on the back and we're wondering were you might have gotten and if you know where we might be able to find one?
    It looks perfectly the right height and very use able.

    Thank you for any information.
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    Also, the boat has Trim tabs, i just haven't messed with them enough yet. I lucked out as the boat seems to be loaded with every toy and option available :-)
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    Thank you guys HUGE for the info. I had just picked up a set of doel fins with the used outdrive that i picked up. The guy i bought them from was the one who told me about this forum :-)
    The prop shop next to my work in mukilteo said they could help me with a prop but that i would need to find a good starting point since my prop is so beat up and it probably isn't giving me accurate performance and they no longer make the prop that i have.
    I really appreciate the info, as much as i searched i couldn't find a good starting point.
    Thank you!
  5. The prop I have on Chopstick is a Power Tech prop, 14.25 diameter, 19 pitch, 4 blade, right hand rotation stainless steel. Part number ELE4R19PMS275, with an Alpha one hub kit. This was on the advice of another forum member with the same boat and setup and I have been very happy with it. Good hole shot and good cruise performance.

    For your porpoising issue, I agree with Socal....experiment with your trim. I run it from full down as I get underway and once I'm on plane I bring it up until the porpoising starts, then bring it back in a bit. Slow adjustments and give it 10 seconds or more to settle in before adjusting further.

    Trim tabs may also help, but you should be able to achieve good performance without them. Pay attention to how the boat is loaded too. You may need more weight in the bow. Experimentation is the key. Good luck!
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    Before Binford gives you the correct answer, I suggest you find a shop that will let you try one or more props until you find one that works best under your normal loading. You shouldn't be overrevving with that much pitch. You can also have your current prop tuned and re- pitched for less than the cost of a new one. You said your grandfather's GP was a 21 or 23 which would be a world of difference in a chop.
    Porposing can be solved with trim tabs or possibly a Doel fin (cheaper- watch e-bay). Also try tucking the outdrive down as far as it will go to bring the bow down.
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    Can I ask what you are running for a prop on chopstick? She seems to be the closest boat to mine on here that I have found so far ( mine is a 1980 19.5 hard top with a 470) im about to buy a new prop. The boat came with a beat up 15.75 x 21p and I feel that it is to much prop. She bogs down horribly when I try and get her up on plane then I have to pull out of the throttle before wide open throttle because by what the tach says ( which may or may not be right) were doing over 40mph according to the GPS at 3000rpm. On top of that I can't get her to quit porpoising even in the lightest chop and I know that's wrong as glasplys are supposed to be some of the best riding boats out there and I remember my grandfather's cruised through the wildest chop on puget sound like it was glass
    Thank you for taking the time to read this
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    Thanks! I have a ton of questions for the forum but I'm gonna take it slow and try to tackle the issues one at a time. Kids love it, we're gonna go hit the lake tomorrow and see if the trout are biting. This mid-winter school break isn't so wintery.
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