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Thread: Don't ask me how I know this....

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    Big crab boat was easy, you need to go through on a 21 Express with a group of 7-9 year old girls, and one dad helper who was not a boater, and secured us to the wall which didn’t move when the water was lowered. Those GP cleats are really strong and the boat developed an exciting list before I was able to untie the line.
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    I spent three summers as the sling launch and dry stack forklift operator at the Port of Edmonds back in college. I saw and experienced lots of stupidity during those years. From forgotten drain plugs to people forget their keys in the boat and realizing it after the boat was slung and hanging in mid air waiting for the trailer. But my favorite was a nice sunny afternoon and two guys pull up to the line and the driver jumps out going to pay and tells his buddy to get the straps and be ready to go. Buddy goes to work on unhooking boat from trailer(apparently including the bow chain), driver jumps into the truck, I wave him up to the launcher, driver stomps on the accelerator obviously excited to get in the water...and the boat rolls right off the trailer and lands hard on the ground. The driver basically pulled the trailer right out from under the boat.

    Driver slams on the brakes and starts yelling at his friend. Took me back to Dumb and Dumber..."Richard....what'd you do!"
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    Ya, I worked doing the same thing after high school. Dock repair, gas dock, boat launch, and anything else that needed doing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binford View Post
    Oh, now THAT is pure gold there! That's just hysterical! Thanks for sharing!
    We had a couple other good ones. I was taking truck and trailer to park while two friends were getting boat ready. One was holding boat with ropes and one started boat with it in gear with outdrive up and blasted the guy standing behind boat!

    Trying to figure best way to load boat a friend raised outdrive a but as not to drag bottom then proceeded to come towards the trailer except he started going sideways and with the wind and current drifted away from dock. We all laughed our AZZEZ off!

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