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Thread: Don't ask me how I know this....

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    I think I know someone that had a boat and trailer go through his garage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nova7163 View Post
    I think I know someone that had a boat and trailer go through his garage.
    Yup I know him too. Never move your boat or any trailer without hooking up the safety chains, evendors if it juse 50'. December 23 2005 my wife comes down the street from Christmas shopping as I'm backing in a 1975 21' glasply. Our driveway is a bit steep down to the garage, and just as the front of the boat crowns the driveway all I see in my rear view mirror is the tongue of the trailer pointed to the sky. Wife watched the whole thing go down. The 21' glasply is stronger then the corner of a house tho. Boat had no damage and the house, well it's fixed now. Fast forward 9 years and I find out the safety chains do no good when going down hill, the tailgate of the truck makes it all stop. I hate my driveway

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    Who was the guy with the sharp Sawzall?
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    Not sure who you are talking about?
    1972 HT Cuddy-Rebuild Thread
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    When motoring into a crowded Anchorage last summer, we had our bow crossed by a big, ostentatious chunk of fibreglass with huge engines and full of Yahoo's. The wake was impressive, and we had no choice but to plow through it. Pescador went up, Pescador went down, the hatch popped open, and five gallons of sea water landed in the middle of the bed.#&_@+*!!! The moral of the story, always lock down the front hatch!!!

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    Do not try and launch in Everett at a negative tide... Sure the line is short, but it ain't pretty getting out. lol

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    Torn bridge seat from overhead beam in my shop...didn't realize what 2-3" of added driveway gravel would do or didn't even think about it... and the power Chord Bill V mentioned, yup, did that same thing at Anacortes last year but my Best Mate caught it just before it was too late and full throttle reverse stopped a catastrophe...

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    I hear bilges fill up quick without a drain plug..

    I was making trailer adjustments and had everything set, pulled the boat out and was ready to roll. Then I realized one last adjustment - I had been so busy adjusting the winch height and bunks, I had assumed my last mast adjustment was still on. It wasn't. So, I put it back in the water...

    ...ever try to move a 23, chest deep in water with a full bilge and still filling...
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