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Thread: Comments about the people on this forum

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    Comments about the people on this forum

    Hi, my name is Rod Mosman, aka "rodboat". I would like to take a moment and say I really appreciate your work concerning appreciation of high quality boats with the "Glasply" name on them. I also believe all of you are the best of boat owners as you go to great lengths to restore older Glasplys in such care and tradition. I have my Glasply for sale not because I'm tired of it but in May I had a stroke and didn't feel comfortable anymore taking friends out offshore in my boat, so, I'm offering it for sale only to Glasply people. Thanks for a great site. Rod Mosman

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    Sorry to hear about the stroke, Rod. I hope you are doing well.

    Sorry also for letting my Private Message inbox get full! I see I missed a couple of your messages, but it should be clear now.
    -- Tim Taylor

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    Best wishes for a complete recovery. I have been attending the Rendezvous events without a boat since 2009. I even have a LD award hanging in Molly Browns cabin (much to Mr. Smee's chagrin). Point is, it is a great weekend of boats, food and fellowship with a terrific group of people.
    Come on up and join the crowd.
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    Sorry to hear about this setback. Do you have a buddy with a boat that can take you out for an occasional salt fix?
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