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Thread: Fun provided by Glasply

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    Fun provided by Glasply

    Put together a short video consolidating some pictures, a few clips, etc. Most of it wouldn't be possible with out my glasply!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing the video. Makes me want to take my Glasply up there.
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    Great video, thanks for sharing.
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    Very well done, beautiful country.
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    Great video.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    Extraordinarily well-done! Like a pro! I've never been to Alaska, but now more than ever it's on my list.

    My daughter has fallen in love with Marlee.
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    That was awesome! I keep teasing Jennifer that we're moving to Wrangell. If I show her that video, she might just want to go with me!

    So on the video at 2:12 or so, you show a bunch of small fish on a dehydrator rack. Was that what I thought it was? And why would you be dehydrating them? Something Thai I suppose?
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    Thanks Binford, those small fish are called Hooligan, or Candlefish, a type of pacific smelt that run up the Stikine River. we give them a quick brine in some salty water, dehydrate them for a few hours, then fry them in some hot oil, or give them a quick bake in the oven, they come out crispy, full of oil, quite tasty. There are some videos on YouTube of dip netting Hooligan. My wife is Thai, and she loves small fish. Some people smoke them, they are pretty popular and were a very important food source for the native tribal population back in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Smee View Post
    Extraordinarily well-done! Like a pro! I've never been to Alaska, but now more than ever it's on my list.

    My daughter has fallen in love with Marlee.
    Marlee is the favorite with the neighborhood kids, we've got three girls in the neighborhood that pretty much stop by daily to play for 15-30 minutes, Marlee loves kids!!.they like to run her through the list of tricks we've been working on.

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