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Thread: Glasply spotting

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    Same trip as above, pulled into Ketchikan and the first fishing boat out of the marina we seen was this one...definitely made us proud!
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    This boat, or one just like it was at the 2016 Rendezvous. Diesel w/I/O drive. Have the HIN, it's a 1979 23'. Canvas looks new.
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    Saw this when we were out fishing today, point Defiance, weird smoky day, nasty ash stains on water and boat, we got a couple pinks but nothing in the Chinook department..
    I have noticed of the older boats that were around in the 70's and 80's, Glasplys are the boats of choice for fishermen on the sound, lol but when was the last time you saw a 37 year old Bayliner (in the water not in someone's garage)??
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    On Saturday, out on the Willamette River here in the Portland, Oregon area of all places, we had Hooky, our 1972 Glasply model 171 runabout out for a ride, and what did we come upon? Somebody fishing off of a 1978 Glasply model 191 cuddy with a 140 HP mercruiser. The former owner of my boat had a Glasply brochure from 1977/78 in with the documentation I got, so I recognized his boat. Unfortunately, couldn't get pictures as I was driving the boat, but it had a light yellow top deck. Nice condition from the looks of it. The gentlemen who were fishing were as surprised to see another Glasply as we were. As I circled his boat, he was asking me questions about them... It was an interesting and fun experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GlasPly72PDX View Post
    ...The gentlemen who were fishing were as surprised to see another Glasply as we were. As I circled his boat, he was asking me questions about them... It was an interesting and fun experience.
    Hope you told him about our little corner of the web here!
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    During our fishing trip today we saw 5 im not kidding you 5 GP's, they are the premier classic fishing boat in the Puget Sound!! We saw 5 but were only able to capture four, the fifth was a 24-26 foot hard top it was foggy out and hard to see clearly but you could certailnly make out that GP bow..
    Im not great with models or years Ill just post the pics for you to enjoy..
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    Yesterday was pulling Crab Pots around Center Island and a Burgundy striped GP cruised by.

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    A couple of GP's I spotted in Salcha, nothing to brag about, but at least we know where they are......!
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    Next... A bit rough, used hard put away wet.
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    Not a PLY, but interesting boat nonetheless. I think it is a TOLAND, predecessor to C-Dory
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