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Thread: Glasply spotting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socal View Post
    Love the credit card story. Hard to believe the unquestioned World Record Holder for Longest Tow ...would be perceived to be a boat Thief!
    Ah, that reminds me, Smee, what what the mileage from your house to Anacortes? Just wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Smee View Post
    Oh, you kids. With my very thirsty Mercruisers, I rarely exceed 15 knots. Why? Because I can't afford the effing fuel bills once I start goosing it! Last year I took the boat to the San Joaquin Delta and back, a round trip of just under 200 miles. Granted, the boat was very heavily laden, but the ultimate gas bill was heart attack inducing. At one marina, my credit card was declined; I called about it, and they said they were concerned that someone was spending so much money on gasoline at marinas at which I had no history. They figured it was stolen.

    I have just had the starboard engine's carb rebuilt, which seems to be helping. Now I'm saving boat-bucks to do the other side. Still, I do not hope for miracles. I love my GP, but it's an expensive obsession, no mistake. (But -- my wife tells me it's cheaper than a mistress, which I suppose is true.)
    Arenít you twin inboard/v drive like me? Iíve found gph is worse at high 20ís(which makes sense) but mpg is about the same as hull speed. Seems to like being 5-10 over planing speed. Direction of current can make hull speed either much more efficient or much less when you look at how much gas burned going from a to b. Also noticed a large difference in time to plane with an inflatable vs a gp dinghy on the back.

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    28 GP with twins may/can/will average 1.0 to 1.15 mpg at cruise.
    So Mr. Smee’s river cruise probably consumed nearly 200 gl. Of fossil fuel. 8 to 10 boat bucks. Cheaper than a pair of season tickets or as noted in Smee’s post, a mistress.
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