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Thread: GlasPly 28 Ft. Flybridge Sedan (Fairbanks) $40000

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    GlasPly 28 Ft. Flybridge Sedan (Fairbanks) $40000

    Glasply's were built for the Northwest, for comfort and their ability to handle rough water. Two in cabin heaters that run off of the engine. Hot water heater that runs off of the engine Domestic water system with 40 gallon tank includ ...


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    Looks like there's another GP in the background, maybe SOCAL can ask for the HIN's... Looks like the original interior and colors for sure...

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    AKGramps picked up HIN’s for two 19’s in that same boatyard a while ago. When he can take a break from life and restoring his 2580, he will look up the 28’s HIN.
    I would say it’s a late 1981 or early 1982 model by the bridge seat layout. My 82 LC has/had a port side settee and a starboard bench seat.
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    1982 28' Long Cabin "Molly Brown" anticipating Spring as temperatures are rising. SUP paddlers are starting to come back.

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