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Thread: Chart plotter + AIS radio = happiness?

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    Chart plotter + AIS radio = happiness?

    Hello all -

    I am installing a chart plotter/fish finder on my 19.5 and am thinking that by adding a new AIS capable radio I will better be able to dodge freighters when fishing the Straights. It is my understanding that a new AIS capable radio can be married to a new chart plotter/fish finder so that ships actually show up on the chart. Am I correct? And if so, can I get some brand recommendations?

    Thank you.


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    Answer is yes. My STD. Horizon VHF receives AIS transmissions and displays them as small triangles on my Lowrance HDS chart plotter. I am impressed with SH’s customer service as it took some guidance to wire the two together.
    An alternative is an iPhone app which will pick up AIS signals as well as provide data on the signal source. Less than $10 at the App Store.
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    Should work with any modern(ish) chartplotter. As long as you can link the radio and chartplotter, be it direct-wired, or through an NMEA network connection (NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000).
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