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Thread: Possible new 10 year Chinook proposal from state

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    I can just imagine the melee that would result if the NOF meetings being open to the public. As a famous actor/politician once said "trust but verify". I don't know whether the tribes are living up to these agreements, because nobody knows what they are. Are they catching more than their share? Who knows. They do supply catch tickets when they land their catch, but how real are those? Nobody but the tribes know.

    This issue could be resolved by the Feds. Back in the 1980's there were Russian fishing vessels fishing in US waters delivering to Russian factory processors. To help insure that catch records were accurate National Marine Fisheries Service placed "Observers" on the catcher vessels and they recorded and reported the catch. National Marine Fisheries Service could do the exact same thing here, but instead of Observers on the boats, put Observers on-shore where the catches are delivered. This way we would know exactly what is going on.

    I do think the Tribes understand what's at stake and do work pretty closely with WDFW. There just needs to be a lot more openness around the whole issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstallbaum View Post
    The WDFW's analysis .
    And that is the problem, they are like weathermen.

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