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Thread: Help needed!

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    Help needed!

    Anyone know what my 1992 Glasply 19C weighs?

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    I canít look at it on my phone for some reason but thereís a brochure for the 1992 versions of the very bottom of the main forum page that should give you that answer

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    The brochure weights are only a base line. Fuel, water and gear add weight. Find a scale on your trip across the country to get an accurate figure.

    1992 Catalog specs: 192-C Cuddy, 19'2" length, 7'10" beam, 62 gal fuel cap, 15 gal water cap. Approx wt. 3600 lbs.
    Power options: Mercruiser or Volvo: 135 hp 3.0L, 180 hp 4.3L and 205 hp 5.0L
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