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Thread: hello from Whidbey Island

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    hello from Whidbey Island

    Just saying hello. it has been taking me awhile to figure out how to post and stuff. I posted pictures of the boat I am working on. Reading the story of Glasply boats was cool. i've worked at a few machine shops near Bayliner in Arlington, WA over the years. Every time I'd drive by for work, Id dream of the day when I could get one of those boats under the white plastic wrap. I am sure either my 1985 or 86? 17" Glasply or the 1971 Bayliner I just bought myself will be nice some day. I have always heard that boats are a good investment. lol
    I had the Glasply booking around Campbell Lake a few weeks ago, but yesterday the second voyage had me using the 10hp kicker to get back in. I am sure the boat was just making sure I didnt get a sun burn.
    so again, Hello this is syrinx in Coupeville,WA.

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    Welcome to the Forum. Great source of information on all things GlasPly. Post your HIN and it will clarify the year built. Should be stamped in the upper right side of the transom. HIN should also match your registration documents.
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    Welcome aboard Sryinx glad you found the site.

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    Syrinx, welcome aboard!
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    Welcome! Check out the Rendezvous section.

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    Welcome Syrinx
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