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Thread: window moulding/gaskets

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    window moulding/gaskets

    I have a gpl 2100 and need to put new gaskets in the windows. Anybody have any ideas?

    let me know!


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    Are you referring to the inserts in the sliding windows in the cabin or the cuddy?
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    I don't have a cuddy or a hardtop with sliding windows. Just the trim/gasket pieces that hold the windows in place. It's a black trim of some sort.

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    it doesn't look to be a u-shaped gasket where the window rides in the "u". It looks like more of a triangular piece of trim that you wedge in on both sides of the window.

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    almost looks like a windshield wiper blade

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    Take a sample to Bud Barton Glass in Marysville, talk to Bud!

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