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Thread: 1981 Fishing Machine 1800

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    1981 Fishing Machine 1800

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    I suppose that since "introductions" have been made, work done on the boat should go here. I spent the day in the boat, basically digging it out from the years of neglect. After shoveling out the pine needles, pine cones, and blackberry bushes, I spent 4+hrs removing all unwanted/needed equipment and accessories, and pressure washing. It is cleaning up pretty nice. I'll have to visit the "gelcoat restoration" thread to get some ideas of where to go next, as the boat is pretty stained. I have been able to see some potential as I cleaned her up today, and I'm getting pretty excited.

    I'm thinking of keeping the "classic look" while updating the color scheme of the interior and striping on the hull. The plan, as it is, will be to replace all wood with grey Trex composite, adding a couple of jumper seats, and covering them in grey with black trim, and having a new top built, also in grey. The stripes on the hull will change from brown to black on top and grey below.

    I have my mechanic (aka Uncle) coming by to go through the motor, while I check out the fuel tank, and address any electronics issues/upgrades.

    Has anyone else used Trex in lieu of wood? Any considerations or concerns?

    Thank you for any information.
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    that is a pretty cool boat, and cleaning up nicely. congrats
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    That is a sharp looking boat. I don't know if anyone here has used Trex or not but I would research how it may go before diving in.
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    I am not sure about how using Trex would work on a boat, but I know that I replaced my deck with it and at least that version of the product has actual wood fibers in it, which mildews every year and requires that I use 30 Second Cleaner or such on it.

    You might consider using “King Starboard,” which comes in gray and many other colors as well. Usually available in white, which might work for you too. The stuff ain’t cheap, but it’s extremely durable and as easy to work with as wood.

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    My guess is an International Scout on the vehicle. Good looking boat!

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    A scout is correct.

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    Thank you for the information and material suggestion. That's a scout in the background.

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