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Thread: Newbe, OR, 20 ft '84 w/OMC 3.8 V6 I/O

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    Newbe, OR, 20 ft '84 w/OMC 3.8 V6 I/O

    Charlie Farmer here. Semi-retired, many hobbies/interests. Love to "refurbish" older "stuff". Technically/mechanically competent, tools and space. Know squat about boats. Bought '84 Glasply I/O yesterday at estate Sale. Nice lines and features. Heat got to me, I guess. Convinced she's a diamond in the rough. Looking fwd to interacting with members.

    ?Recommendations on mechanics that know OMC I/O 3.8 L V6 and good place for curtain work in OR, WA, Redding CA? Yes, I see that I would likely be better off with Merc or O/B. Hey, did I mention I know squat about boats??

    Hoping to adj calendar to make Anacortes Rendezvous.

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    Welcome aboard Charlie, Good luck with your new adventure. Lots of help here.

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    Welcome! "Better off with Merc or O/B?"... so would you be better off with Ford, Chevy or Dodge, same type of question but you bought a sound, battle proven NW Hull!! Tons of great info on this site, have fun reading through it!

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