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1977 28’ mid cabin

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  • 1977 28’ mid cabin

    I’ve owned this beast for two years now. Only taken it out one time. Bought it with a seized starboard engine due to exhaust manifold failure. Put on another cylinder head. Runs perfect now. Port engine ran perfect. Jumped the timing chain and quit. Replaced the chain water pump, risers, Distrubitor, coil, plugs and wires. Runs but timing light died and I gave up. It was in moored in fresh water but the cost was annoying and distance to the boat was not productive. I bought an aluminum 21klb trailer for it. Rebuild the entire trailer to fit the boat. Parked it in front of my house, got three parking tickets. Parked it on some private property and it got broken into. Lost some tools and booze. I’m going to loose the parking space soon and have to find a new location to store it. I’m thinking what’s more important for my family. A boat I love but don’t use or a down payment for a house. Not sure if anyone on this forum in the Vancouver area would be willing to have a look at her and give me an idea of what’s she’s worth. 77 28’ mid cabin twin 351w v drives.
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    As I have a 78 GP28 I do have some knowledge of value. Your boat powered by 351W Ford engines is worth about $12-15k US dollars, the engines being mostly original and being Ford don't help the value. The trailer is probably worth about $6k US, and together has a value of $18-21k US in the present market. Your boat is a V drive and probably has original fuel tanks, which by now are nearing the end of their useful life, engines although updated are still nearing rebuild time, if electronics are old or non existent that hurts the value. I know of two 28's bought in the past two years with trailers and both sold for less then $20k with their age newer then yours and newer engines.
    "Joint Venture" '78 midcabin 28, twin 2017 Vortec roller cam "bullet proof" 383/6.3L full roller 350hp engines - You name it, I've either replaced it, restored it, rebuilt it, repainted it or repaired it. That's my job now that I'm retired.


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