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19.5 Cuddy "Model" (boat cover shopping)

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  • 19.5 Cuddy "Model" (boat cover shopping)

    Another question,

    Looking to upgrade my cover for the boat (currently keep it under a tarp) and I find that quite a few glasply models are listed by cover manufacturers.

    I also realized I have no idea what my official "model" name would be? It's a 19.5 ft soft top cuddy.

    Anyone know where to figure that out?
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    You may need to have a custom cover made if you want an exact fit. Do you just want a cover for outside storage or are you thinking about a trailerable cover (which would require close fitting and extra tie downs. I stored my 2580 outside for a while and built a PVC frame to support a tarp and keep it off the boat. Not pretty, but inexpensive and practical. Make sure the cat has an exit strategy. when you cover up the boat.
    Look in the catalog section of the forum and you will probably find the model of your boat. It is basically a 19 cuddy soft top as you say.
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      Thanks! Will do.

      Yeah, mostly just looking for something a bit easier to pull on and off, that doesn't require too much creativity to get water to run off rather than pool.

      Also I think the neighbors would probably appreciate a proper cover more than my ratty old tarp.

      Not really concerned about it getting wet every once in a while, but it spends most of its life in front of my house. It rains 66 inches a year here, and I've got solid but original wooden stringers I don't want to have to replace.


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        For what its worth…I have tried generic boat covers for my Glasply’s and none of them worked without retrofitting with posts, buckets, yoga balls, etc etc. They were all a psin in the ass and even with retrofits, heavy rains always filled them somewhere.

        One of our boats is under a PVC hoop frame with a quality tarp and black rubber bungies. Solid setup for a boat who just sits and is in a holding state until someone want a free 17’ FRP hull. The other boat is under a cheap carport with full enclosure. I prefer the carport and for the cost of a new cover every few years, it’s well worth it to be able to get into my boat and work on it - even in the rain.
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          Yeah, I currently keep it on the street, unfortunately. I would certainly prefer a porta garage, but not really doable.

          I could probably back it in beside the house, but the trailer scrapes pretty bad over the curb and besides damaging things I like to have a clean and quiet 3 a.m. departure. Keeps the neighbors and my wife a lot happier with my fishing habit when nobody hears me leave in the mornings. Haha!