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New GP owner need info on 16 footer!

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  • New GP owner need info on 16 footer!

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for having me on this amazing forum. Big Glasply fan here. My grandpa had a GP and fished very frequently out of Cheanuh Marina on Vancouver Island from the 80’s right though the early 2000’s. Anyways I’ve owned this 16’ Glasply (not grandpas old boat) for almost a year now, been working on it constantly doing small upgrades getting it ready to do some salmon fishing this summer. Was hoping to get a little more info on the model of this boat (model type, year, dry weight, max HP) things like that. Anyways here’s a few pictures hopefully someone can point me in the direction of some good info.
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    Hey Dewey. Fellow BC boy here with a 17 footer. (New to me this week)
    Solid little boat.
    I like the Green on that 16.
    I found some old brochures on the site here that were quite interesting. Had some specs in there too.
    The hull number should be on the upper starboard side of the outside of the hull. Some older boats has Id plate stuck to the inside of the boat sometimes like my old double eagle. I think the last 2 digits denote the year of production


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      Welcome Dewey and Classy Glassy. Dewey your 1973 16 looks like its in pretty good shape. Hope you get some fish this summer. Classy, lets see some photos of your 17! And yes, for info, there are brochures, but I don't believe there is much literature from the early models like Dewey has. Better marketing brochures started around 1973 as GP was ramping up production.
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