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New here, 1971 23/24-foot Glasply

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  • New here, 1971 23/24-foot Glasply


    I'm a new owner, I'm in Oak Harbor, Washington, and just got most of the way through a sailboat rehabilitation project this spring. Now that it's ready for sailing, I had been looking for a powerboat for days when I don't want to wait for the wind, and one big enough to take some of the more challenging weather we get up here. I'm kind of a sucker for bringing basket cases back to life, I guess.

    I found this group while researching Glasply boats before pulling the trigger about a month ago. Very helpful information, so at least I knew what I was about to put myself through before I went ahead with it. The boat I just purchased I believe is a 23' Glasply cuddy cabin, with an Alaskan bulkhead (might be an add-on, or might have been replaced, not sure yet). For those interested in the HIN, it's 12371019. The title says 24', no model given, but I measured it today and the bare hull would be right around 23' long, transom to tip of the bow. That's still plenty big enough. It has a Mercruiser 302 I/O, which needs some exhaust work (easy enough to replace with a long block too). The interior appears to be mostly original, and not too badly beat up. It looks like it had been cared for pretty well when it was in use. The last time it was used looks like 2004 or so, based on the paperwork and registration decal. I was told that it had been stored under cover since then. I was also told that the "stringers were glassed in" at some point, but I have really no idea what was meant by that, as the owner who had the work done died long ago. The trailer is a 1978 galvanized EZ Loader, and looks pretty good for its age.

    Before I purchased it, I had a surveyor out to check the transom, and what could be accessed of the stringers. He used a hammer and moisture meter, he did not think it was necessary to drill any holes anywhere. Everywhere he was able to check he said was solid. BUT... I know I won't want to take it anywhere until I take the floor up (or cut access ports) and check everything out, and drill some core samples. I want to see what's going on with fuel tanks, fuel line, wire harnesses and anything else that might be under the floor. I'm prepared to do whatever repair is necessary, once I see what the real story is with the stringers. So far, though, I don't see any outward signs of rotted wood or floor, and what I can see from the engine area looks pretty clean and dry. There are no obvious symptoms of water sitting in the bilge. Of course dry rot is a real possibility as well.

    I haven't decided how much of the original interior I want to replace, what's there looks decent and usable. The 2 black vinyl seats are in pretty much perfect condition. The v-berth cushions are a bit worn underneath, but the vinyl is intact. This looks like it should be a fun boat once it's back to working order. I don't expect to have this out on the water this year, but maybe next year in the best case, probably more like 2024.

    I'll post some photos of the boat here. Note that I have cropped the photos and blotted out recognizable features of the seller's property, just to be nice. Also, my name isn't Norm, that's the name on the boat. Maybe I'll think of a better name.

    I see there are a couple other 1971s here, with HINs close on either side of mine. It would also be interesting to see if anyone here has run into this boat before, as it started out life in Friday Harbor, and then spent time at Skyline marina in Anacortes.


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    Looks like you got something to work with. Should be a good project.
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      From the HIN it's a 23'. A desirable size for several reasons. Looks like a fun project. Keep us updated with your progress.


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        Welcome to the Forum. We will all be interested in restoring one of these classic boats. As a 1971 it would have wood stringers, they may have been glassed in along the way. When you lift the floor panels you can tell.
        Plan on attending the Rendezvous in Anacortes in August, to see lots of GP's and the folks that love them.
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          Nice project, looks pretty clean.
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            Thanks all. I should be around during the Rendezvous time. It might be a while before I make much progress, but I will be sure to share photos.



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              Fantastic looking boat you picked up ! Looks like a solid start for your project! Welcome 😁!
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