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First time boat owner!

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  • First time boat owner!

    Hello everyone and thank you for having me! Like the title says, I'm new. Decided it was time for me to have my own boat so I can fish whenever I want and I stumbled across this old Glasply. I'm pretty sure most people would have run for the hills after seeing it but I looked at it and said to myself nothing a little blood, sweat and tears cant fix. It will give me more enjoyment fixing it then it knows ( I like to fix things).

    So, I'm now the owner of a 1973 Glasply, 19' runabout. The interior needs to be gutted completely and redone which I will enjoy doing. Exterior besides a few scuffs a dings looks to be in good shape. Mercruiser 165 inline 6 runs just needs some lovin.
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    You came to the right place, welcome aboard!! I was going to ask you to post the HIN number but see it's actually visible in photo # 3.


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      Welcome, and congrats on your new Glasply
      1980 Glasply 2400 Cuddy I/O, 2017 Cummins 4BT
      1975 Glasply 19.5' Cuddy Merc 488 190 hp
      1997 Campion 525 Open Bow Ski Merc 125 hp outboard
      14' Inflatable sailboat
      16' Colman Fastback canoe


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        that 165 in that boat should fly, great package
        1980 2400 Cuddy I/O, 2017 Cummins 4BT coupled to a Volvo DP-SM with F9 Props, and a 2014 Mercury 15HP Pro-Kicker "LOOSE CHANGE"


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          My folks had a 165 straight 6 GM in their 1973 19' Reinell and yes it did "FLY".


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            Our 73 21’ express had the same exact upholstery as yours, brings back memories!
            Welcome to the group!
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              Originally posted by Cummins12V98 View Post
              My folks had a 165 straight 6 GM in their 1973 19' Reinell and yes it did "FLY".
              My dad fished that exact vessel type, hard top, with a buddy (boat was the buddy's) out of Newport Oregon for Salmon for years! Same Power package and went like the dickins!