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First Boat, 1982 GlasPly 2100 Toronto Ontario.

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  • First Boat, 1982 GlasPly 2100 Toronto Ontario.

    Recovered Thread: First Boat, 1982 GlasPly 2100 Toronto Ontario, originally posted by Jeremy Green on 07-14-2011



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    Jeremy green

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    Ontario, Canada.

    First Boat, 1982 GlasPly 2100 Toronto Ontario.

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Jeremy, I have just purchased my First boat.

    I am going through the Whole boat front to back spent 2 days cleaning and have only just hooked the battery up today.

    The Boat Has the Mercruiser 470 installed,

    I have not yet tried to start the motor, As I will be draining the 3/4 Full gas tank which has been sitting for nearly 2 years.

    I Was hoping If you guys could lead me towards a link for the wiring diagram for the outdrive system as the thing seems to not want to leave the up position,

    I have power to the up/out But when trying to tilt Down, there is no power.
    I see two wires that are not connected and am hoping to get pointed in the proper direction here...

    If All else fails, Ill be looking to possibly Switching over to an outboard Drive.

    As i will be spending allot of time on this boat, Fishing Salmon in Lake Ontario.
    I See The differences of having the Floor space, And also with the i/o board I see the better Netting abilities.

    Im sure you will see me allot on this board, I have pics of the Before, "As It Is Today"
    And once all cleaned up and on the water I will post the After Pics too.

    thank you in advanced for all your knowledge im gonna receive, it seems you guys have a great Friendly Forum.


    -Metro East Anglers-
    "Supporting Lake Ontario"

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