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Why is this Alpha 1 I/O prop nut too Short?

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  • Why is this Alpha 1 I/O prop nut too Short?

    Take a look at this image. The self locking nut doesn't reach. The assembly is a large prop housing size washer, the prop, the tang washer and the nut. Any ideas to what is going on? Any and all inputs would be greatly appreciated. Steve

    PS. The large washer has the reassess facing the prop.

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    Is there a gap between the front of the prop and the lower unit housing. It shouldn't have a gap, the prop should slide inside the lower unit a little. There is a brass spacer in there and if it is in backwards it holds the prop out. Unless that's what your p.s. is referring too. The prop looks odd, the hub looks too long. Was this prop on before?


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      Looks like you have a few extra parts installed.
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