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Carburetor vs TBI

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  • Carburetor vs TBI

    I am considering replacing my current Quadrajet carb with a Throttle body injection system, has anyone tried or been involved with one of these swaps?

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    My Edelbrock 650 Marine has been flawless over the last four years.


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      Ditto on the Edelbrock. That’s the first thing I replaced when I bought my boat. Quadrajets are not worth rebuilding and the Edelbrock, you essentially set it and its done.
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        All I did was hook mine up as it was pre calibrated. Can't remember price but it was reasonable.


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          I just went through my 750 CFM Weber, essentially a 1410 Edelbrock Performer. Pretty easy to do. I may have been chasing ghosts as I was trying to improve a off idle transition that was annoying when trolling. I guess the reason I say this as that may be the only reason to go to TBI on a old boat/motor. Once a carb is set they start fine and work fine and easy to fix and or relatively cheap to replace. FI requires a O2 sensor, so some mannie/riser change/work. likely some wiring and maybe some wiring to the helm. I just dont believe there is a huge advantage to go thru the trouble to convert. If I replaced the power package with a FI or bought a newer boat than sure I would want it. I think the Edelbrock is probably a better carb than a Q-jet, but that is just a personal opinion.... What is the cost when said and done for TBI...?
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